Clinical orthodontics: simple?

Clinical orthodontics: simple?

- 20 January 2017

No message can be considered more false. We continuously attend courses and congresses and hear the message the performing orthodontics is becoming every day easier and easier, and that this simplicity is dictated by this or that new product on the market, which we can buy and use. As if understanding, interpreting and building up a treatment plan would depend on that…….As if we should adapt the malocclusion to the hardware and not viceversa……

However each and every one of us spends his or her day treating patients and not always everything ends up perfectly, even when everything seems correctly planned and treatment carried out with all the attentions, the appropriate appliances and the right timing…… sometimes happens that something doesn’t work out……

Doing orthodontics is easy, doing orthodontics well is very very difficult! It requires a lot of knowledge, maximum effort and dedication, good experience. No shortcuts or magic appliances are available, it is us with our know how making the difference!
This is the concept behind this website: A cultural project, an updating program, a continuous sharing of knowledge, for the benefit of those who are always looking for improvement and want to challenge continuously their beliefs in order to grow professionally. And I am the first! Enjoy the website!

Written by cesare

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